Top 5 Ways to Lower your Electric Bill in Colorado

No one wants to pay more money to a utility company, but modern lifestyles are based on the comforts that electricity and natural gas provide. For instance hot water from a faucet; a refrigerator for keeping food fresh; central air conditioning and convenient electrical appliances all require some type of power to make them operate properly. Everyone would like to keep the creature comforts that they use on a daily basis, but they want to pay the least amount possible for the privilege. A lower electric bill does not have to be an unreachable dream. Today you can find Colorado companies that will help you discover how to reduce utility bill amounts without stripping away the lifestyle that you know and love.

Let’s begin by reviewing a few simple ways to lower your electric bill in Colorado.

Waste Not/ Watt Not

It may seem that those unused lights are hardly worth bothering about, but clicking off lights when not in use really can help you lower your electric bill. Make this practice a habit and watch your monthly bill decrease over time.

Right Time/Right Place

Try to reduce your use of electrical appliances during peak hours. When the demand for power is high you will pay a premium rate. Adjust your schedule so you can take advantage of the lower rate during the early morning or late evening hours.

Mother Nature’s Free Utilities

Keep your windows open when the weather is cool and there are refreshing breezes. Using nature’s cooling system instead of your home AC will make a big difference in the monthly cost of any electric bill. Decreasing your reliance on air conditioning makes financial sense, and you will be doing your part to support a healthier, cleaner environment. Don’t overlook the fact that you can recoup an annual rebate (on your air conditioner use) if you sign up for the program known as Xcel Energy Savers Switch.

Efficiency is Effective

Always make sure that you have selected appliances that are recognized for their energy efficient construction. Look for the yellow (energy star rating) tags. These can show you which appliances to choose if you want to save money.

For instance a lower utility bill is just a choice away. Changing your standard hot water heater for a wall mounted system that heats water on demand can result in hundreds of dollars worth of utility savings within a single year. Exchanging your present refrigerator for a model that has a higher efficiency rating will also help you lower the amount of money you pay to your utility provider each month.

Let the Sun Shine In

Investigate alternative energy sources such as solar power if you are really serious about finding a way to reduce utility bill costs. At the present time solar energy is a relatively untapped market in Colorado. REC and Real Goods Solar are both reputable solar companies that have installed thousands of solar systems in homes and businesses. With PV panels installed in your home you could save 50-90% on your monthly utility bill. In fact some homes and businesses can go completely off the grid with the right kind of solar energy system.

Let’s Make a Deal

In addition to the prospect of lower utility bill statements it is possible for some users to negotiate a better rate with Colorado utility companies. Flexible rates that lower electric bill costs are available in many instances. Usually these rates will be offered to someone who is preparing to go “off the grid” with a private solar, wind or hydro-electric system. It may also be possible to negotiate a rate change if you let the company know you are considering changing your standard service provider.


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