Denver Solar Developer Stimulus Powered


You might or might not think much of President Barack Obamas more formally known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act but we call tell you who definitely loves it: E Light Wind and Solar and its employees. The solar developer has been racking up tons of business outfitting government offices with systems the latest a just-completed carport project that will come online by the end of the year, .

The project actually consisted of 14 carports at four buildings at the Denver Federal Center, a sprawling complex in Lakewood, which adjoins Denver. The panels installed at the center now cover 600 parking spaces and add up to 1.6 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity. Laid end-to-end the panels would run for nearly 5.5 miles, the company said.

image from E Light

Earlier at the same complex, E Light had done two fixed position field arrays that total 2.39 MW. And before that, 14,612 roof-mounted solar panels on three big buildings at the center, providing another 3.5 MW of power. Yes, they appreciate the work.

In a down construction economy, this project has allowed our company to diversify our services and train our employees in new skillsets, said Perry Herrmann, president and CEO of the company, which grew out of E Light Electric, a commercial electrical contractor. (The way the company seized new opportunities as a solar installer is explored in some depth in in the American Business Journal.)

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